We are dedicated to cultivating the leaders of tomorrow in the field of dentistry. By fostering a culture of inspiration and mentorship, we ensure that the future of dentistry is in the capable hands of visionary professionals who are ready to shape and redefine the industry.

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Main Academic Partner

New York University – College of Dentistry, Linhart CDE Program

Advanced Educational Programs

Embark on an educational odyssey with our unique platform, blending in-person and online courses. As you gather credits, you’ll ascend to esteemed roles, culminating in a coveted spot on the Dental Leaders’ scientific board.

Innovative Education

Dental Leaders Academy is the pioneer worldwide in offering exclusive remote hands-on training for its members.

Reward Journey

Are you ready to make a huge international impact?

Being member of this academy isn’t just about what you get; it’s about who you become — a recognized leader in the dental world.

By participating in our programs, you’ll earn DLA Credits that elevate your status within the realm of Continuing Dental Education leadership.

DLA Credits

National Leader

in Continuous Dental Education

DLA Credits

Continental Leader

in Continuous Dental Education

DLA Credits

Global Leader

in Continuous Dental Education

DLA Credits

Scientific Board Member

in Dental Leaders Academy

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